Unisex Gift Guide

Tis the season of holiday giving and being stumped on what to give ;)  I put together a quick list of items that both men and women can enjoy... some of these items Tyson and I both own and love (these). Others I covet (headphones). My hope is that it will spark an idea for someone who's in a holiday shopping rut. Happy shopping y'all.

1. Moleskine notebooks they come in a plethora of colors. 

2. Restoration Hardware booties, these are so warm, I buy them every holiday season. 

3. Earth Wood sunglasses are just cute.

4. Meyer's Candle, great smelling pine for anyone that has an artificial tree. I also love this yankee candle pine scent.

5. Splurge worthy Master & Dynamic headphones, swoooon.

6. Lacrosse for J. Crew unisex duck boots.

7. Superfood Smoothies, for those blender lovers in your life. 

8. Kiehl's Lip Balm, Kiehl's products are fantastic and who doesn't want kissable lips?

9.  Stanley Thermos, sometimes simple, functional gifts are the best gifts. 

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